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We are Polish, family company with 19 years of tradition. From the beginning of our activity, we produce professional massage tables. Specialized products, the highest quality materials, refined design and a constant presence in the massage world allowed us to become the leader on domestic market and to gain recognition among foreign customers. Read more


  • The A.T.Still Academy Italia – Osteopathic School has began to use your portable massage tables in 2009/2010 for the Milan branch. Me and my colleagues think that are really interesting for following several factors: quality of material, force and strenght, weight and portability. We strongly suggest the use of your portable massage tables to the one who need a good product with a good quality/price ratio. See the testimonial >>

    A.T. Still Academy


  • For quite a long time we have been the users of the massage tables made by Habys company in Jasło. The construction of the tables gives us (coaches and sportsmen) the guarantee of comfort and safety. Adjustable height of the table, the way the tables fold up and their weight assure comfortable maintenance of this equipment. The tables have proved their excellence during sport games and trainings.

    Christoph Busch

    Dariusz Michalczewski's "The Tiger" inseparable friend, masseur and physiotherapist

  • In 2010, the German School of Osteopathy, in Milan, Italy, has purchased 20 tables from Habys, for teaching purposes. The quality of the foldable treatment tables in extremely good. Very good stability and practicability, especially if considering the light weight. Habys offers a comprehensive service, very quick delivery times, and overall a quality/price ratio that is difficult to find somewhere else in Europe. The German School of Osteopathy strongly recommends habys and its products. See the testimonial >>

    Osteopathie Schule